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What is professional translation?HELP?
You may very easily find translation agencies offer translating services. It is important to know if their offers include editing, proofreading, or both. We are guaranteeing our clients that all our translations and content provided if proof read too.
A freelance translator is cheaperHELP?
You might be happy if you are lucky enough to meet a good translator. However relying on a freelance translator for your business's translation needs is very risky, especially if your business continuity relies on the quality of your content.
What is needed from the client to provide Quality Translations?HELP?
Providing with quality source
It is very obvious that the better the source you provide, the better the target you get. It's worth it to allocate a bit of time to improve the source text. If you are not sure what to provide us with, we have specialized personnel to create the content for you.
Clearly explain your needs HELP?
Your objectives are one of the most important things in creating quality translation. We must understand how and where you will use the translation and who will be the target audience.
Client responsivenessHELP?
We may from time to time during the translation process come up with questions about your requirements or source text. When this happens it is greatly appreciated if you reply at your earliest convenience. Experienced and responsible translators are likely to ask you questions to provide you with the best possible output.
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